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Would you invest 15 minutes to boost your happiness? 

Superbloom increases your happiness and resilience by scheduling 15 minute science-based, personalized  workouts

into your day


We’ve distilled research from places like Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Penn & Yale to identify the 10 essential ingredients to happiness, resilience and well-being.  

Happiness Pyramid White & Blue.png


We've extracted 150 possible exercises from academic and scientific studies.  Take a 15 minute survey and we'll generate a 15 minute workout comprised of techniques that have been shown in studies to  boost personal happiness, resilience and overall well being.  Your workouts change weekly based on the impact they're having. 

Fun & Convenient

To participate, you'll need to identify at least one friend to join the program with you. We'll send you both text reminders and/or schedule workouts for you so it becomes a part of your daily routine.

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