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The Spring Wellness Bloom

A 3-Week Burnout Antidote 
May 16 - May 30 

How much can you raise your team's well-being, resilience & performance in just 3-weeks?

Our founder will get in touch!

Join the May 16th Wellness Bloom and attend up to 3 expert-led live, video workshops + take-home personalized exercises to spike your well-being!
(register above to get more details including timing and speakers) 

Three Wellness Wednesday

Your team will join an NYU professor of
Positive Psychology & a Fellow at the
Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation
every Wednesday (from May 15 to May
29th) in interactive well-being workshops.

Personalized &
Private Wellness Tracking

Our Superbloom Wellness quiz will reveal your
personal well-being scores.  Each team members can track 
their progress.

Focus On What Will Make A
Difference - For Your People

The Superbloom app will recommended
weekly activities to boost the personal
well-being of every team member based on
their wellness assessment and preferences.

The 3-week Spring Wellness Bloom is designed to avoid the common pitfalls of wellness initiatives in the workplace.

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Here's what Bloomers are saying:

"Helps to bring a sense of togetherness."
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